Our Mission

Our mission is a very simple one, to provide our customers with the perfect balance of quality, service, and price.

Honesty is our best policy, we will tell you if your TV is worth fixing or not and exactly how much it will cost and what the problem is. We will also tell you what caused the failure in the first place and if there is anything you can do to prevent the problem from re-occurring. FREE advise to help our customers $ave money, that is what seperates us from our competition.

Our focus is on satisfying our customers needs (your needs). We do this by constantly updating our knowledge base to keep abreast of the developments in the Electronics industry and by maintaining a mutual relationship with most manufacturers.

We are not only in the electronics repair business, we are also in the Customer Satisfaction business. We are here because we want to serve your needs, and love what we do. Try us today.

"You'll like the way we do business..........We guarantee it"


To keep abreast with the latest advancement in High Definition Television technologies, we attend Manufacturer seminars on a regular basis. These seminars equip us with the knowledge and support necessary to fix your new T V according to the manufacturer specifications.
It is important to choose a service center that is constantly upgrading their knowledge base in TV technology and troubleshooting techniques. This ensures that the service center will repair your new TV fast and accurately without replacing parts unnecessarily. As a result you will save time and money.
Call the rest then come to the BEST TV Repair Center in Southern Ontario.