TV Repair Erin

Affordable, Friendly, and Honest In-Home TV Repair Services provided by Ontario Electronics Service in the Town of Erin and it's environs. We come to Apartments, Townhouses, Condos, Single Family Homes, Schools, Businesses etc. Call us now to set up an appointment @ 416-909-1932.

Are you looking for an honest, professional, courteous TV repair company, that will give you first class TV Repair at affordable prices?, then look no further, CALL us today and be prepared to experience TV repair like never before.

Thanks for making Ontario Electronics Service the #1 Mobile TV Repair company in the Town of Erin.

Honesty is our best policy, we will tell you if your TV is worth repairing or not and exactly how much it will cost and what the problem is. We will also tell you what caused the failure in the first place and if there is anything you can do to prevent the problem from re-occurring. FREE advise to help our customers $ave money, that is what seperates us from our competition.